RPA Moscow 2022

Конференция по RPA, оптимизации бизнес-процессов и искусственному интеллекту

4 – 6 oктября

Москва и онлайн

Julija Narodicka

Должность:  RPA Project Manager

Компания: Freelancer, providing PM services for Novartis

Страна: Czech Republic


Julija is leading technical teams and managing their creativity for the last 10 years for the biggest corporations in the area of the IT infrastructure, network, automation and RPA. Julija is developing her expertise in Management, Agile and Six sigma principles, being PMP, ITIL and Scrum certified.

For the last 4 years Julija is leading RPA global program and projects in the area of the IT processes and HR processes.


Agile Project Management Specifics in Managing Rpa Projects in Virtual Global Teams

RPA in the classic set up does not always need dedicated Project Manager. As RPA is raising interest among Global Corporations, new approach needs to be developed. Agile practices would sound like the best approach for RPA. But how to implement it when we need to deploy RPA solution in 30 countries around the world and done by distributed team in 3 different time zone?

Julija will share her experience in setting up the RPA project team, bringing Agile principles and incorporating it to the RPA framework (BluePrism 8 principles and Automation Anywhere principles).

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