RPA Moscow 2021

Конференция по RPA, оптимизации бизнес-процессов и искусственному интеллекту

Štěpán Bouda

Должность:  Chief Innovations Officer

Компания: Sabris CZ

Страна: Czechia


Stepan is Chief Innovations officer in Sabris. His mission is helping organizations implement strategies to increase their profit using digital technologies.
Stepan has 20+ year of experience in backoffice process automations, company digital transformations and using RPA to replace low added human work with software. 


Using Software Robots in Accounts Payable Total Automation

Incoming Invoice automation can be quite challenging. Many different invoice formats, COVID reducing the Accounts Payable Staff, and lots of operations needed to be done with each invoice before its payment. Imagine how great would be, if the low added value work of an accountant could be done by software robots. Come to the Total Invoices Automation session and see what you can do to reach this goal.

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